Your Developing Baby

From the moment your baby enters this world, she is learning. She has come from a dark, tiny space to the bright open spaces of our world. Your baby is being bombarded with stimulation and may be unpredictable during the first few weeks of life.

  • Your baby's head may seem large compared to the rest of her body. Her head may have a bump or two, or be misshapen from labor or from the help she received during birth.
  • Your baby's eyes may be bloodshot and eyelids swollen. Her eyes may appear to cross in the first weeks.
  • Your baby's skin may be dry and flaky, particularly in the first few weeks of life. Mild skin rashes in newborns are common.
  • Your baby's breast tissue may be swollen due to maternal hormones that remain in her body. This is also true for baby boys.
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