Regular Visits to Our Office

There is a recommended schedule of "well baby" visits to which you should bring your baby. These visits will give us a chance to check on your baby's growth and development, to talk with you about the care of your baby, and to offer guidance as your baby grows. Immunizations against a wide variety of important childhood illnesses are generally given at these well-baby visits. During these visits, we will also discuss with you our recommendations for handling many common childhood illnesses and problems.

When you need to call our office about an illness your child may have, please prepare for the call by doing the following:

  • Write down what seems to be wrong.
  • Take a rectal temperature.
  • Have the names and amounts of any medications you are giving your baby
  • Have a pencil and paper in hand to note our instructions.
  • Have a pharmacy phone number available in case a prescription will be needed

Please call during office hours when you need advice about non-urgent problems. We will be happy to give you guidance and answer your questions. Keep paper and pencil near your phone to write down any instructions we may give. If an emergency occurs, call us immediately or call 911 or go to the emergency room for what appears to be a very serious problem.

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